video game music

video game music


sagittarius (2014)

Gameplay video coming soon! For now, you can listen to the music:

  • Sagittarius (Main Theme)
  • Sagittarius Major
  • Sagittarius Minor
  • Objective Failed

Winner of 2014 Dare to be Digital game development competition (virtual reality category) and nominated for BAFTA Ones To Watch Award! Read all about it on:
BBC News
Dare to be Digital

Watch the teaser trailer!

you are a battleship (2014)

You are a battleship! That is, you think you are a battleship. In reality, you’re an office drone.

You Are a Battleship was created in 48 hours at the 2014 Global Game Jam. The theme was: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” The music you hear that I have composed is the main level music. Martin Bayer wrote the title screen music, which you can hear if you get the game at the below link.

Genre: horizontal shooter

Play You Are a Battleship!

gaming age thesis (2013)

Gaming Age Thesis was created in 48 hours at the 2013 Philly Game Jam. The theme was “ghosts of video games past.” Our “ghosts” are antiquated gameplay mechanics, tropes, or traditions. In the game, there are voiceovers explaining the rationale behind each device chosen.

Full title: Gaming Age Thesis: In Which We Explore the Benefits and Detriments of Various Gameplay Mechanics. Art by “Mo Chen” 陈陌阡.

Genre: various

artbeat (2013)

Explore the beautiful relationship between sound and color in this immersive musical experience. You play as a glowing orb that collects musical loops that each adds a layer of complexity to the composition. Different colors correspond to individual instruments, and a changing background corresponds to the subtle changes in harmony.

Artbeat was a game created in 48 hours at the 2013 Global Game Jam. The theme for the Jam was an audio file of a heartbeat.

This is my first game with dynamic music, i.e. music that responds to gameplay!

Genre: artsy/atmospheric/music

Play Artbeat!

kairos (2012)

Kairos is an innovative puzzle game in which the player is gifted the power to control the forwards and backwards passage of time unique to objects in his or her world. These objects exist in two categories: Manmade and Nature. While advancing time on the manmade structures will cause them to deteriorate and eventually decay, nature will in contrast grow and flourish. Your hands over time will be your power to solve puzzles.

Kairos was a game developed in 48 hours at the 2012 Philly Game Jam and won the Judges’ Choice and Most Innovative awards against 9 other teams. The theme for the Jam was this picture of a rusted merry-go-round amidst an overgrowth of trees, grass, and shrubs.

Genre: puzzle platformer

Play Kairos!

phase shift (2012)

A racing game where the opponent is you! Every 35 seconds, a new clone of you starts at the starting line, retracing your every move exactly. Don’t sit still or you’ll crash! Don’t drive recklessly or you’ll cross paths with your old self! How many laps can you complete before the time runs out?

The game gets more difficult as time goes on and the track fills with more and more copies of you.

Phase Shift was created in 48 hours at the 2012 Global Game Jam and partly inspired by Tron. The theme for the jam was an image of the Ouroboros.

Genre: racing

_scope (2013)

Grow by adding new sets of matching (or non-matching) shapes and colors. Progress by creating valid sets of 3 and unlock more of the story. You’re on your way and ready for the world!

_scope was created in 48 hours at the 2013 Global Game Jam. The theme for the Jam was an audio file of a heartbeat. This game does have sound effects, but were removed to highlight the music.

Beautiful paintings by Nicole Pieri, photographed by Satchell Drakes.

Genre: puzzle