Photo credit: Kevin Stiller

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Want to collaborate? Great! I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Filmmakers: Please include a logline or a couple sentences to give me the gist of what you’re story is about, links to a final script or rough/locked cut, and your post-production schedule.

Game designers: Please include a brief description of your game’s concept, links to some concept art or test gameplay footage (if possible), and your production timeline.

Online video makers: Please include a link to your channel (feel free to recommend a video that I should watch to understand what you’re about), and let me know if you want to license or if you need custom music. If you want custom music, please include links to other videos/channels you are trying to emulate.

Other multimedia creators: Whatever you think is the most relevant information! As in the above, don’t be shy about including links. The more informed I am, the better and sooner I can make decisions and help you tell your story.

Do not contact me:

  • to review a product
  • to do sound design
  • if you’re copying and pasting the same message to everyone in your contacts (spamming)
  • to ask me to add you to my newsletter/email list; you can do that using the form in the footer
  • if you’re still in the “idea” stage of a project
  • if you’re unsure of your schedule