Stable, Sagittarius, and More

Hello, hope you’re well, and thanks for reading – I appreciate it! Here are some things that I am currently working on or have finished lately.

I scored Stable (short drama) for the Producer’s Guild Competition last month. I should be able to get some excerpts up, and maybe link to the complete film, by next month. You can see the thumbnail I added on my “film scoring” page. Stay tuned!

I’m writing the music for a first-person rail shooter called Sagittarius. It’s for a competition called “Dare to be Digital.” You can see the team’s pitch video below:

I just started learning the fugue from Bach’s B minor prelude and fugue from the first book of the Well-Tempered Clavier. The subject is nearly a 12-tone row – it hits all 12 pitches of the chromatic scale, but there are repeated notes, which is not characteristic of modern 12-tone music. Even still, and although the fugue was out of style at the time, that subject was pretty avant-garde for Bach’s time… Look it up! The prelude is worth listening to as well. This is the 2nd of Bach’s 3 passion fugues, on which I hope to give a lecture recital next year. We’ll see…

Some other things in the works:
– scoring a film noir
– a short, programmatic, light orchestral piece

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