48HFP NY 2014

For my 2nd year, I wrote music at the 48 hour film project in NY. Instead of splitting myself between two teams last year (see: Post No Bills and Trophy Wife), I dedicated all my time to one team. The result? Dinner for Two, which will appear in the “Best of NY” Screening next Thursday, June 19th at 7pm at the Cantor Film Center. This is the 2nd year in a row we have made it (last time it was Post No Bills) to the “Best of NY” Screening, which in this case is the top 13 films of the weekend. Somewhere between 40 and 50 films were completed this year.

This year’s required elements were a character named Jane or Jim Fonville (who is a museum curator), lipstick or chapstick, and the line “Try this, it’s very relaxing.”

The coolest part about this year was recording in a professional studio with live musicians. The executive producer on our team, RJ Yenesel, was able to get us some rehearsal and recording time at Funkadelic Studios where we recorded more music than we actually ended up needing for the film. The intrepid musicians were Nate Cohen on tenor sax, Anthony Gioia on trumpet and cornet (not at the same time), Matt Fass on guitar, and Mike Lemongelli on drums.

Tickets to the “Best of NY” Screening are available on the 48HFP’s website via Brown Paper Tickets for $12. You can also pay cash at the door.

If you can’t make it to the NY screening, stay tuned for clips that I’ll post on my “film scoring” page, as well as a link to watch the whole film (7 minutes). Until then, enjoy this excerpt from the opening sequence!

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  1. hey cousin you are doing great amazing how far u come. your music is very relaxing. i cant wait to see u be a famous musician u deff desire it. remember god i son your side and so is the whole family. i would love to here more of your music and i would love to get tickets to best of ny. i see if me and michelle will go together. please write back on my email or facebook

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