New and Improved

Sorry, January! I was in South America until the 12th and managed to keep busy with make-up lessons, etc.

In the quest to improve my portfolio, I have redone 2 tracks recently: Belle and Phase Shift. You can actually compare the newer version of Phase shift on my audio only page with the original version for the racing game on my video game music page. The solo violin on Belle was recorded by Chris Ciampoli, a friend from college.

There are also 2 new games that I wrote some music for under “more” on the video game page. Reach and Stack were both written for Chris Hallberg’s attempt at Droqen’s Insane and Absolute End-of-Year Variety Megajam (the challenge, which he completed, is 9 games in 10 days).

I also did another Global Game Jam in January! I helped out with the music for 3 games. If I find some time, perhaps I will put up those projects as well.

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