New Uploads

Just some new stuff on the site:

video game music

Check out the gameplay footage from Gaming Age Thesis: In Which We Analyze the Benefits and Detriments of Various Gameplay Mechanics! I did the sound effects, too. The game was created at the 2013 Philly Game Jam, for which the theme was “ghosts of video games past.”

audio only

Op. Epic (Postlude to a Legend) – This new piece finishes the story that Prelude to a Legend started. Now all that’s left to write is the story itself!

orchestration / arrangement / transcription

I transcribed a Disney medley almost entirely by ear… it was quite a project – it took about 3 days to complete, and I probably worked on it for about 4 hours each day. You need to see the score to get an idea for the scope of this project… I referred to a piano/vocal arrangement to make sure I was getting the lyrics and vocal melody correct and to double-check some chords. I took some liberties with the piano, harp, and transitions between songs.


I’ve uploaded video footage from a couple past recitals; one solo performance of a Chopin Nocturne and a couple excerpts of a cellist’s college senior recital for which I accompanied some Beethoven and Shostakovich.

Merry Christmas!

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