Playing Beethoven in October Faculty Recital

In early summer, I performed Beethoven’s Op. 101 sonata at a lecture recital comparing Beethoven’s 3 compositional periods. I was asked to pick a late sonata, and I fell in love with the Op. 101 as soon as I heard the opening 4 measures.

This October 19th at 7pm, I’ll be playing the 3rd and 4th movement of that sonata, which is the 28th out of 32, in a recital at the Wharton Music Center with other members of the faculty! Hope to see you there… Address is 60 Locust Ave, Berkeley Heights, NJ.

In composition news, I have recently uploaded 2 new tracks to my audio portfolio, which is on the composition page. Well, 1 old one that was redone and 1 new track. “Sinister” was remade with my new sample library, East West Quantum Leap Hollywood Strings (the old one was made with Garritan Personal Orchestra), and “Prelude to a Legend” is completely new. Please check them out and leave some feedback, here or on the soundcloud widget, if you have time. Thanks!

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