“Honorable Mention” for Best Musical Score

Welcome back! And thanks for taking the time to read this. If you want to stay updated with how my career as an aspiring pianist-composer unfolds, this website is the first place to look. Of course, if you know me personally, you’ll likely hear of things much sooner.

One of the films I scored during the weekend of May 31st-June 2nd, Post No Bills, got screened on the 14th in the Best of NY screening. That night, I won the “Honorable Mention” for Best Musical Score! Just to give you the bigger picture, around 80 filmmakers entered the contest, 62 finished their film on time, and 15 of those 62 made it into the Best of NY screening. It was great working with the guys (and girl) on Team Rag Tag. The director, Magee Fahey, has plans for a web series I’ll probably get to help out on. More on that… when he gets funding.

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